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As our first post on the new site, this will be a brief introduction of who we are and what we do.

Hearing Shield is a Big Ear Inc provider operating in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC/Southern Maryland area.

Big Ear is a well known company who developed an innovative process to create custom fit earplugs over twenty years ago and expanded across the US, Canada, and beyond with their provider network. They travel the country attending events wherever custom hearing protection is needed.

Big Ear has lead the industry in hearing protection in developing their solid earplugs, filtered earplugs, and custom fit in-ear monitors (earbuds). Their products are used in aviation, construction, manufacturing, law enforcement, EMS/Fire Fighting, and the military. In addition to providing hearing protection for working people, Big Ear has a fanatical following among motorcyclists, race car drivers, skydivers, musicians, and shooting sports. Anywhere you need to protect your hearing, Big Ear has a solution.

Here at Hearing Shield, we got our first pair of custom earplugs at a show after a decade of disappointment using foam/silicone disposable earplugs. Once we realized how convenient and comfortable the custom made earplugs are, we were ready to join the team and spread the word. After a busy event making hundreds of earplugs with the crew from the Big Ear mothership, we were ready to take off and run with our company providing the best possible hearing protection across the DMV area. Over the last several years, we have attended hundreds of events and made thousands of earplugs for all types of noisy environments.

If you are ready to move to the most comfortable earplugs or earbuds money can buy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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